Kraków 6.10.2001

the judge: Jadwiga Niciewicz
On Friday afternoon before the Specialty Show there was a meeting of members of the Tatra Sheepdog Club, which gathered judges, breeders and breed lovers.
Stormy discussions continued till late evening. The participants listened to the report on the Club's activity, read letters from Tatra sheepdogs breeders from various countries and discussed the development possibilities of this beautiful breed, and the delicious meal prepared by the Krakow's organisers of the meeting united even the toughest opponents.
Against the pessimistic forecasts, the position of the Tatra sheepdog in Poland, which has been shaped in the previous decades, seems to be firm, which can be proved by most beautiful dogs and bitches shown on the show ring next day. The Tatra sheepdog lovers are also glad that excellent dogs of this breed are also bred outside the Podhale region and their owners can take a real pride in them.

On the day of the show 27 Tatra sheepdogs coming from all over Poland, including 16 dogs and 11 bitches, competed before the strict supervision of the judge, Ms. Jadwiga Nicewicz.
Unfortunately, 15 dogs did not reach Krakow.
Also our bitch, Garda z Zadymy, could not enter the show because of pregnancy.

puppy class
1/2 promis. KOTLIK z Zadymy

2/2 not promis. CYRUS z Jeziora Dąbskiego
junior class
1/4 excellent, Junior Club Winner JANOSIK Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
  2/4 excellent JUHAS Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy

3/4 excellent BACA Klan Gaby (in the middle)

4/4 good ALLEGRO z Jacusiowej Chatki (first from the left)
intermediate class
  1/4 excellent, CWC COCOS z Siwej Polany

2/4 excellent BARI z Mroźnej Dujawicy - it was his first, not yet very confident contact with the fitted carpet, which was for him a significant change compared to the grass of grazing fields where he usually works

3/4 excellent HAJDUK Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy

4/4 good HALNY Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
open class
  1/2 very good LITWOR z Bańskiej Staszelówki - also his debut on the floor

2/2 very good ESEJ z Ogrodu Parysa
champion class
1/4 excellent, CWC, CLUB WINNER, Best of Breed
BACIAR z Zadymy
(the elder brother of Garda - they have the same parents)

2/4 excellent CIS z Zadymy (the elder brother of Garda - they have the same parents)

3/4 excellent BACA NN (on the photo - first from the left)

4/4 excellent LUPTOK-BUKSA Filos (Garda's elder sister son)  
baby class
1/1 very promis. AURA Tomkowe Przytulisko
(Garda's elder sister puppy)
junior class
1/2 excellent, Junior Club Winner JAGIENKA-BUKSA Filos
(daughter of Garda's sister and Bari's father)

  2/2 excellent JAGÓDKA Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
intermediate class
1/3 excellent CWC, Club Winner MORKA-BUKSA Filos
(after Garda's elder sister)
2/3 excellent MARYNA-BUKSA Filos (after Garda's elder sister)
3/3 excellent HALNA z Bobakowej Dziedziny
(after Garda's elder sister)
open class
  1 excellent, CWC LEIDI z Ogrodu Parysa

2 ROLA z Wierchu Rolowego

3 LAWINA z Bańskiej Staszelówki
champion class
  1 excellent, CWC GWIAZDKA Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy

2 excellent LAWINA-BUKSA Filos (after Garda's elder sister)
best of breed comparison
After a few hours of competing the class winners entered the final breed competition.


The final fight for BOB was between BACIAR z Zadymy and the daughter of his sister - MORKA-BUKSA Filos. The emotional fight was won by the excellent BACIAR, presented by his breeder, Mr. Michał Guzik from Nowy Targ.

best couple
The first to appear on the ring were three breeding couples, including the especially warmly greeted by the audience winner pair, constituting of a lovely dam (baby class) and the triumphant winner of this show - Baciar.
  1/3 AURA Tomkowe Przytulisko & BACIAR z Zadymy presented by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Michał and Anna Guzik

2/3 MARYNA-BUKSA Filos & JANOSIK Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy - the owner Katarzyna Szlachcikowska

3/3 LEIDI z Ogrodu Parysa & KOTLIK z Zadymy - the owner Arkadiusz Kaczmarczyk
best kennel
1/3 Filos (on the photo)

2/3 Z Zadymy

3/3 Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
best stud dog
1/2 Bujac z Urbasiowego Pola
2/2 ORNAK z Butorowego Wierchu
best breeding bitch
1/2 BUKSA z Zadymy
2/2 Gwiazdka Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
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