Zakopane 5.08.2001 - results incomplete

the judge: Dariusz Skorek
puppy class
In the dogs show the first presented was a puppy named BACA Klan Gaby (very promising)  
junior class
In the youth class we were also able to see one dog only, RABUS Czym Chata Bogata (very good note)
intermediate class
1 excellent COCOS z Siwej Polany
2 very good HALNY Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy
open class
  The competition was very tough in the open class, in which there were five dogs, judged very long and carefully.
a nineteenth-month-old BARI z Mroźnej Dujawicy (excellent)
  and the three-year-old BYSTRY od Koziara, who was the final winner (excellent, CWC)
3 excellent CYBUCH KOTLIK z Siwej Polany (on the photo),
4 excellent 5-letni PERSZING z Leżącego Wieżowca
5 OLIMP z Butorowego Wierchu.
champion class

In the champion class we could admire excellent dogs:

1st place and an excellent note plus the title of the Best of Breed went to BACIAR z Zadymy (see photo)


2 excellent BARON Tomkowe Przytulisko (the son of Baciar's sister, the Champion of France).

puppy class
  In the puppy class two bitches were presented:
1 very promis. ZORNICA ze Śnieżnej Uboczy
2 very promis. FUGA z Butorowego Wierchu
junior class
1 very good ASTRA z Kurucowego Wierchu
2 very good CETYNA TURNIA z Mroźnej Dujawicy
  3 very good BYSTRA Runo
intermediate class
  In the middle class we could see the bitch which was bought for Holland, GRANIA z Polany Kudasowej (excellent, CWC).
open class
In the Open class of bitches there was such a large entry that it was necessary to divide the class in two, out of which the finalists came.
1 excellent, CWC, Best Female, Best of Breed was won by a strong, working shepherd bitch LAWINA z Bańskiej Staszelówki
2nd place went to a charming, though not familiar with the show ring, ROLA z Wierchu Rolowego (excellent),
3rd place was won by a small, but very proportional KUMOSKA z Butorowego Wierchu (excellent).
champion class

In the champion class we could see an Austrian champion OLYMPIA GLORIA vom Wogerain (excellent, CWC) (on the photo)


and in the veteran class FIRANKA vom Wogerain (excellent).

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